Mathew E. Ziegler was born Feb. 4, 1897, in Ste. Genevieve, Missouri. He grew up on the same farm that his grandfather, Louis Ziegler, had homesteaded. Matt’s aunt, Sister Cassiana Marie of the Order of St. Joseph (also an accomplished Regionalist painter & member of the Ste. Genevieve artist colony) encouraged her nephew Matt to pursue his art.

In 1932 Ziegler met St. Louis artist Bernard Peters. This friendship allowed Ziegler to be exposed to a professional artist at work. Also at this time Matt became instrumental in the formation of the Ste. Genevieve Art Colony and Summer School of Art because the school was held in and around his house in town (The Mammy Shaw House). Matt was the only local member of this colony, but his aunt, Sister Cassiana Marie was a member.

Founders of this Colony were Aimee Schweig and Jessie Beard Rickly.

Matt Ziegler was a farmer, inventor, and businessman, but essentially a painter. He never married and had no children.

The book lists the following awards: A winner of the forty-eight states’ competition conducted by the Federal Arts Program, he was commissioned to paint the mural at the post office in Flandreau, South Dakota. His painting, Ginning Time in Southeast Missouri, was chosen for the prestigious American Show in 1938.

He exhibited works in the St. Louis Art Museum’s Missouri Show, at the Corcoran Gallery of Art, Washington, D.C., the National Gallery of Canada, Ottawa, and the Memphis Tennessee Museum.

Source: An American Art Colony, The ART and Artists of Ste. Genevieve, Missouri 1930-1940 by Scott Kerr & R.H. Dick.