Founded in 1840, McCaughen and Burr has a long and knowledgeable experience in appraising fine art. Our reputation as a leading authority on the value and worth of paintings, prints and sculpture is nationally known and respected.

There are many reasons why one needs an appraisal on their artwork. Often one simply one wants to know what it is they have and whether or not it has value. Other times it is necessary to have a formal written appraisal for your insurance policy to cover your damages in the event of loss or theft. At other times, one needs a formal written appraisal for the purpose of donation.

We here at McCaughen & Burr are qualified to perform appraisals for any of your specific needs.

Please contact McCaughen & Burr to discuss the proper method for your valuation needs.

Remington Smell-of-Man Victorian_Statuette