Born in Hutton, Illinois, Paul Sargent was an Illinois landscape painter of colorful, impressionist style scenes. He also worked in Brown County, Indiana at the encouragement of Adolph Shulz, and was a charter member of the Brown County Artist Association and exhibited at the Hoosier Salon for over twenty years.

He studied with John Harlow and at Eastern Illinois State Normal School with Anna Piper and Otis Caldwell, and at the Art Institute of Chicago with John Vanderpoel, Charles Francis Browne, and Henry Stevens. He stayed in Chicago for several years after graduating from the Institute in 1912, and then went to Charleston, Illinois where he built a studio and based himself for the rest of his life. He taught at Eastern Illinois State College from 1938 to 1942 and also gave private lessons. In the 1920s, he painted in Los Angeles and established a second home there.

Murals by Sargent are at Eastern Illinois State College, and in Chicago at the Crippled Children’s Home, Sherman Park Field House, and John Smythe School.

Source: Treadway/Toomey galleries
Edan Hughes, “Artists in California, 1786-1940”