Jim Norton was born on New Year’s Eve in 1953, the first of six children in the small coal mining town of Price, Utah. Since his father was a miner, the family traveled around the western states living in Sunnyside, Utah, Carlsbad, New Mexico, Moab, Utah, Rock Springs Wyoming and Lyman, Wyoming. While each of these places left memories, Lyman was where Jim attended high school and first began to experiment with paint and color.It is also in Lyman that Jim helped his friends with ranch chores, learning first hand some of the things his paintings now depict.

His grandfather, Earl Faussett, inspired Jim, as well as his cousins Lynn and Dean Faussett all accomplished artists. They were generous in sharing their knowledge with the young painter who continued to be intrigued with color and form.

After graduating from Lyman High School, Jim attended Western Wyoming College in Rock Springs, Wyoming, where he began his formal art education. He became restless and left school before graduation to go to Australia where he lived for two years. In his Australian experience many “modern” cowboys’ ideas that are hard to find in present day America.

When he returned home, Jim attended Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah for two additional years of study. He also took instruction from William Whitaker and Conrad Schwiering. A perpetual student of nature and art, he can turn any trip into a cultural and educational experience. He frequently packs into the Canadian and US Rockies searching for new material.

Currently a member of the Northwest Rendezvous Group, Jim was presented with the prestigious Juror’s Choice Award by Lowell Smith in 1986. His work is found in several major collections throughout the US and Canada. He lives in Utah with his wife and four children.In 2002, his work was selected for the Gene Autry Museum of Western Heritage show in Los Angeles.