Danny McGinnist Jr. is a professional artist who uses vibrant and not-so-ordinary color schemes to make his work come alive. Being born and raised in St. Louis, personal history and the history of others have really pushed the usage of art as a form of expression. McGinnist’s work ranges from paintings to graphic designs and the tools of choice vary from paint, charcoal, ceramic, photography, found objects, and even fire! Art is more than just the creation of marks on a surface…it has inspired him to inspire others.

McGinnist has been interested in art since the age of four. It stemmed from cartoon characters and continues as children inspire him to be honest and fearless with each artistic mark. The use of strokes in unusual colors catches the eyes of most viewers and delivers an emotional characteristic that’s as unique as cartoons characters.

McGinnist grew up tending to a father who was battling cancer. They didn’t have much, so learning to use what they did was the wisest option. In his early teens, living in different places was necessary and made possible by family and friends. With this minor setback, he learned to utilize gained knowledge of what occurred in the past and connect it to his life today. Jean Michel Basquiat became one of his greatest idols due to an adolescent connection. In addition to Basquiat’s art catching his eye, the story of creating while being homeless for several years related to and inspired his further study of Basquiat’s past paintings. After seeing what somebody with a similar past is capable of accomplishing, McGinnist knew doing more with his skill was possible.

The beginning of McGinnist’s art process usually starts with an idea or concept. After the idea and concept is mapped out by multiple thumbnail drawings or quick sketches; ideas come to life with a completed project. While painting the final project, it isn’t rare that the same picture is painted over a dozen times to get the perfect combination of lines and colors.

Since 2015, when he began to paint and create graphic designs, stopping hasn’t crossed his mind. With this combination of history and pure talent, McGinnist hopes to inspire others to push forward with their goals and anything they want to do. He also wants to help community businesses grow and travel the world.